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Training ,Private Lessons and Clinics

Training and private lessons in both barrel racing and steer wrestling.  Please call for availabilty and openings. 



What we can offer:

Clinics-Clinics can be tailored fit to meet the needs of the group of riders.  Adeline and I have done mother/child clinics for the younger riders.  We can do 1 day, 2 day-clinics.

Training by the Month (I limited the numbers I take in to ensure quality time is spent with each individual)

Conditioning by the Week  (For those unable to get their horses ready for the competition season and for horses coming back from an injury)

Physical Therapy (We can work with your vet to help get your horse healed and back to being your winning partner)  Wound care, Hydro Therapy, Massage, and Light Therapy

Broodmare/Breeding Preps (We tease mares twice daily during breeding season)


Please call for more details and we can design a program specific for you and your horse.



Nevala Ranch Internship 2012


Name: Janet Malcolm
University: South Dakota State University
Year: Junior
Major/Minor: Animal Science/Business

What an incredible opportunity I have been given to work and learn from the entire Nevala family on their breeding and training operation this past summer. As an intern I was given many tasks to perform including basic daily care, doctoring, giving lessons, assessing each individual training horse and their needs, and other ranch duties. Working under the guidance of Christine and the rest of the crew has improved my horsemanship skills and overall understanding of the time, patience, and strength it requires to build up a solid foundation that will follow these horses throughout their careers. Adaptation was a must as the days were never quite the same. I’ve learned to appreciate that each horse has favorable qualities about them. While riding a variety of horses (young, finished, stubborn) it was imperative to know that fine line of when to ask for a bit more or when to call it good for the day.


Christine and Adeline taught me the importance of quite hands while teaching and keeping a horse soft and responsive. When it came to the barrel pattern, repetition is key. Christine’s method is solid. I had the chance to start horses on the pattern and see them progress all the way to the exhibition phase. Using different bits, mouthpieces, supplements, and medications, I was able to learn the value of them all when used correctly. While riding I developed a more correct seat, posture, and understood that “driving with your legs” does in fact make a difference for the better. One of my many personal goals over the summer was to really get my leads figured out (to know what lead a horse was in, how to get them into the correct lead, etc). After riding five plus horses each day I am now able to feel which lead a horse will take just by how they carry themselves.

There is a long list of all the useful knowledge I obtained throughout my internship. It met every expectation I had and beyond. I am excited to apply everything I have gained while working for Christine to my future plans. This has truly been one of my best summers. I highly recommend the Nevala Ranch for your barrel training needs as a past customer and employee. I have learned so much over the course of the summer and cannot thank the Nevala’s enough for opening up their home to me and supporting my desire to learn more about training, breeding, and the sport of barrel racing J .


As a first time client, I will be a repeat costumer at the Nevala Ranch. I have been very satisfied with the training and overall care Christine has put on my young gelding this past summer. Sargent Ciderwood now has a solid foundation, along with a great start on the barrel pattern. Christine tends to her training horses as if they were her own and I can personally state that my horse was very well taken care of during his two month stay. I highly recommend Christine to anyone, but especially to those who are beginner barrel racers like myself. At the Nevala Ranch, you not only get your money’s worth, but furthermore, friendly faces and great advice.
~Janet M~
Richville, Mn


Greetings from Grand Forks, ND!

My experience with Christine has been nothing but positive! She is a very talented, classy, encouraging lady. She has helped my horses and I numerous times throughout the past few years. The outcome has been extremely beneficial. She truly wants you and your horses to do the best you possibly can. I have recommended her several times and hearing nothing but good from them as well.

Thanks for all you do Christine and I look forward to continue working with you in the future!


-Jenn Marback


Attached pictures:

Classy French Lady ‘Fancy’ 5 year old Mare & Firewaters Lil Gal ‘Girlie’ 8 year old Mare


I have attached a picture of Lindsey and “Doc’s Eye Deal Cross” taken at the 2009 North Dakota NBHA State Finals.


cid:image001.jpg@01CA3AD7.58747FD0I can say with a great deal of pride that the horse and the kid were both trained by the Nevala Ranch under the expert guidance and considerable talent of Christine Nevala. I want to thank Christine for all the hard work put into training Doc, and her very valuable teaching time spent with Lindsey.


I would highly recommend Christine Nevala to anyone looking for a barrel horse trainer or clinician. I am impressed with the emphasis Christine’s program places in foundation training, as well as her ability to read and train horses with a variety of different mental attitudes. I brought Christine two difficult horses for training, a 9 year old gelding with a “tude” about hard work   AND an 8 year old, “I absolutely dare somebody to push me” hot minded speed bred mare who had been blown up on barrels as a 4 year old. Miraculously - in 6 short weeks Christine gave us two horses that were soft, supple, mentally healthy, and loping nice solid patterns. They were ready to haul and have been a pleasure to ride all season.


Christine is a true professional who was easy to reach and always happy to give me updates on my horses.  I have absolutely no doubt that my horses were ridden 5-6 days a week and cared for as well as if they had been at home. My money was well spent at the Nevala Ranch and we will be bringing horses back to Christine.

~ Thanks Again for everything Christine ~


Tracy Dalsted & Lindsey Dalsted

Emerado, ND



I just wanted to thank you for the training you put on Roscoe this
summer.  You've done such a good job of putting a solid foundation on
him.  Whatever your doing, keep have a real talent.  I rode him
today, (in between the snowflakes!) and he has really progressed.  I'm
pretty excited about him!



Hi Christine,
> I just wanted to let you know that I brought Phoenix to a show this past
> Saturday and he was really good!!! When we were warming up he listened
> really well. He went into the gate with out hesitating then after our run
> i made him walk up to it and stand there like at the jackpot and he did
> it like a pro. Our run went pretty well too I forgot to look so I still
> need to work on what I do but Phoenix did really well and our second and
> third turns were really good. I got a lot of comments about how much he
> has changed and people were very impressed with what you have done. Im
> really happy with the way he has changed and really appreciate what you
> have done! Hopefully we will still see you this summer for some lessons.
> Thanks
> Katie French


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Training Philosophy

Ross and I both believe in order for a horse to achieve success at a top level they must possess a solid foundation.  Therefor we do not skip the basics in order to hurry to the pattern or chasing a steer.  We believe this makes a solid long lasting partner that is willing and enjoys their job.

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