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Some products we believe in and use.

Here are some Great Products/Services we have added to our program and believe in them! 

All of these companies stand behind their product or service. 


 Nevala Ranch proudly endorses the following:

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We believe in a preventative approach when it comes to our using horses.  We always want our horses feeling and looking their best.  The following products we use and have seen great results with:

HY-FLEX, DC-Y, GLUCOSAMINE XL PLUS, ELECTRO-CELL, PROBIOTIC V, RICE BRAN OIL, and B-TONIC.  All are made by Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals and purchased through United Vet Equine.    We feel by feeding HY-FLEX for the joints we can reduce or completely eliminate injections.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding these products.  They can be ordered by calling 1-800-328-6652 or have had a great experience working with this company and highly recommend them.






Jetiny Bee Glorious and her Lucks Lucky daughters