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Nevala Ranch Mini/Toy Aussie Puppies

We are expecting puppies end of May 2014! 



All Sold- 2 litters of pups summer of 2013!  Puppies are here. Sage had 8! and Rosie had 5!  Puppies are ready to go the middle of June.  Find Nevala Ranch on Facebook for current pictures and availability of puppies!!

Koda x Rosie Pups-October 2012:

Female Red Merle-Blue Eyes

Puppy #1  SOLD  





Female Red Merle-Blue Eyes

Puppy #2  SOLD





Red Tri Female

Puppy #3  SOLD




Red Merle Male

Puppy #4

Sold "Motley"



Red Merle Male

Puppy #5

SOLD  "Hank"


Koda x Sage Puppies October 2012


Black Tri Female-Toy

Puppy #6





Black Tri Female

Puppy #7

SOLD "Mini"


Dark Red Tri Female

lots of copper

Puppy #8

SOLD "Lucy Lou"

Red Tri Female- Toy

Puppy #9




Red Tri male

Puppy #10

SOLD     "Boots"

 Black Male

Puppy #11




Black Tri Male

Puppy #12

Sold - "Remmy"



Red Tri Male-Toy

Puppy #13




Koda x Rosie Pups Born  2/15/2012 

#1 Red Merle Female- Sold

#2 Red Merle Male - Sold

#3 Red Tri Female Minimal White - Sold

#4 Red Tri Female White Face - Sold

#5 Red Merle Male - Sold

and More Puppies!

Koda x Sage Pups Born 2/17/2012

#6 Dark Red  Tri Male- SOLD

#7 Black and White Male - SOLD

#8 Dark Red Tri Female - Sold should end up Toy Sized

#9 Black  and White Male - Sold

#10 Dark Red Tri Male - Sold should end up Toy Sized


   If you are interested in a pup either email me at or call 701-388-1069  $50 deposit holds  pup of your choice until weaning--when balance is due in full.  Also check us out on facebook under Christine Nevala


Koda: 12 1/2" and  16 lbs - Toy

Rosie 15" and 22 lbs  -  Mini

Sage 15 1/2" and 30 lbs - Mini

more info on the breed: 


2011 Nevala Ranch Puppys

Jetiny Bee Glorious and her Lucks Lucky daughters