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Influential Bloodlines:  These May Have Been Locally Bred Horses But They Could Get It Done Nationally!

Blue's Glory Bee line


 I can still remember watching Jedi Sugarfoot Blues "Blue" run and daylight the competition at rodeos and jackpots. What an awesome horse.  Power, drive and style.  Jedi Sugarfoot Blues was named WPRA Great Lake Circuits Horse of the Year during his reign of dominating the WPRA and IPRA rodeos in our region. Two other horses around that same time caught my eye as they were consistently winning at jackpots and  AQHA shows.  Shuette Blue and Little Bitaranda.  Imagine that they were all sired by Blue's Glory Bee.  I decided I need to find me one of them.  I called the breeder up Lowell Schrupp of Howard Lake, MN.  As it turned out he had a 7 year old mare that he had raised a few foals from since she came home from the track.  He was also still breeding her dam Tiny Jetaranda and really did not need so many broodmares.  As I drove up into his drive I knew before getting out of my truck that I was going to buy her.  The mare I came to look at was a full sister to Little Bitaranda.  Her name was Jetiny Bee Glorious "Jetta".  As I rode her and trained her for the barrels, I felt something special about the way she moved and how she carried herself.  And after I had her running the barrels and felt the power and drive in her turns I knew I had to get another one.  As it turned out a long time friend had a full brother to Jetta sitting in her pasture that she had bought straight off the track but never had a chance to start as her husband was battling a lifetaking illness.  After watching Diane Helmin pony Ima Jetabull around and seeing that same quality of movement that I saw and felt with Jetta I had to have him.

Jedi Sugarfoot Blues:


It has come full circle:  Jedi Sugarfoot Blues is what turned me on to their bloodlines and my daughter had the priveledge to ride him the summer of Blues 27th year.  Winning many PeeWee and open local barrel races!  Thank you Nancy and Cathy for making this happen.



Little Bitaranda:


Jetiny Bee Glorious:


 Ima Jetabull:


Shuette Blue


 HoneyBee Kaleo

 . (shown heavy in foal, she is a 3/4 sister to Ima Jetabull and Jetiny Bee Glorious and the grand dam to Tiny Bit of Luck)

With Blue's Glory Bee Deceased The Next Step Was Getting More From the Mare Line!

Tiny Jetaranda Line:

Tiny Jetaranda  talk about a Blue Hen  Another product of Lowell Schrupps.

 Seeing her offspring in action proved to me how important the mare is. 

Tiny Jetaranda had 15 registered foals.  14 lived to make it to training.  All 14 won at least one race at the track.  And I personally saw 12 of her foals run barrels.  Talk about athletes!

Tiny Jetaranda is a daughter of Tiny Circus and Jetaranda (daughter of Jet Deck).  She had a speed index of 99 and is the dam to the following:

Little Bitaranda "Bit:


Ima Jetabull "Bull":


Jetiny Bee Glorious "Jetta":


Little Bit O Jens:


Stephs Tiny Gambler "Gabby":


Tinys Little Bit "Tiny":


Pat My Little Bit "Scooter":


Luckys Tiny Bit "Cisco":



A Little Bit Lucky "Sis":


Little Bitty Sue "Sue":


Andy Little Bit "Andy":



Ryans Little Bit "Amos":



Interesting facts:

Tammy and Luckys Tiny Bit "Cisco" won Manawa with a 17.76 and Heidi  and Ima Jetabull "Bull" won it last year with a 17.76.

Think it has something to do with Independence Day???

(side note: both horses are out of the same dam.  Tammys Cisco is Lucks Lucky x Tiny Jetaranda and Heidi s Bull is Blues Glory Bee x Tiny Jetaranda)

MANAWA, WI 7/4/2008
1. HEIDI MEUWISSEN, 17.76, $1813.45
2. EVELYN HOHN, 18.11, $1554.39
3. AMANDA CLAYMAN, 18.16, $1295.32
4. KRISTEN MEYER, 18.19, $1122.61
5. COURTNEY SHACKLEFORD, 18.22, $863.55
Tie 6. LISA BECKER (R), 18.23, $604.48
Tie 7. ADRIANE KOCHIE, 18.23, $604.48
8. AMBER SHAFER (R), 18.24, $345.42
Tie 9. RACHEL TIEDEMAN (R), 18.26, $215.88
Tie 10. TERRAH HANKS, 18.26, $215.88
MANAWA, WI 7/3/2009 - 7/5/2009
1. TAMMY WHYTE, 17.76, $1,677.79
2. SHERRY CERVI, 17.85, $1,438.11
3. BOBBIE JO BOHLMAN, 17.93, $1,198.42
4. KELLY CARR, 17.95, $1,038.63
5. SARAH ATTEA, 17.98, $798.95
6. KRIS LOOMIS, 18.17, $639.16
7. SABRINA MILLER, 18.25, $479.37
8. DONNA IRVIN, 18.28, $319.58
9T. JUSTINE BOTNER (R), 18.30, $199.73 &Olivia Boll




The Nevala Ranch has owned: Ima Jetabull, Jetiny Bee Glorious, Andy Little Bit and Ryans Little Bit.  They love to run barrels and chase steers.


More Interesting Facts:

At the 2009 Mn Lakes - there were 6 head of Tiny Jetaranda running.  Breeder Lowell Schrupp was also on hand.

I was so impressed with the Lucks Lucky's crossed on Tiny Jetaranda and other lines that we started to breed our own.

Back to Little Bit Ranch owned by Lowell Schrupp. We purchased Andy Little Bit and Ryans Little Bit straight off the track from Lowell.  We give lots of credit to Tiny Jetaranda for the abilities her foals had, but we also saw something special in the Lucks Lucky line too.  So our next step was too breed our mares to him. 

   owned by Lowell Schrupp for his last years.

Nevala Ranch Broodmares that we bred to Lucks Lucky:

Leos Tiny Blue "Stella" (her dam is a 3/4 sister to Ima Jetabull, Jetiny Bee Glorious and Little Bitaranda--bringing forth the bloolines of Blue's Glory Bee and Tiny Circus)

 This Magical cross produced four talented individuals for us.:

  Got Luck "Rooster"



Nevala Ranch Stallion Tiny Bit of Luck "Kirby"







Lucks Changing Gears "Pearl"



and Last Shot of Luck "Bella"


Our great mare Jetiny Bee Glorious


produced three awesome fillys by Lucks Lucky:

Lucks Tiny Glory "SheRa"



 Ima Luck Maker "Willow"


and Lucky Clovers "Meadow"


Other Lucks Luckys that we know of:  See above under Tiny Jetaranda for Luckys Tiny Bit, A Little Bit Lucky, Little Bitty Sue, Andy Little Bit and Ryans Little Bit.

Hopes Little Bit


  Concepts Lucky


Little Bitty Jessie


 Jets Lucky Rapidash


Connies Lucky Jetta


Jets Lucky Shogun


Little Rohs


Tinys Lucky Scooter


Lucks Remedy


 Go Mercy Go


More of the story to come...........................................

please check back as we write the next chapter with the offspring of

Tiny Bit of Luck!

The Next Chapter has begun!

Congrats to Jason Alders and family on your succes with Tiny Bit of Lucks first foal Jus Waitin on Luck "Uno"

2013 TS Productions 1D Futurity Champion.  Over $2,000 won in Limited Hauling! Picking up Checks in th 1D against open horses.

Jetiny Bee Glorious and her Lucks Lucky daughters