***************Pro Rodeo Quality Horses***************

Standouts/Future Standouts in the Rodeo/Barrel Racing World we have sold:

Lucks Suit N Tie "JT" 2013 Colt - Anna Kissner

Tiny Bit of Luck x JK Sadie Bruce 

The Luck Games "Katniss" 2013 Filly - Courtney Malikowski

Tiny Bit of Luck  x  Nu Color Tivio

Finding Luck "Sophie" 2013 Filly-Michele/Kellon Mortenson

Tiny Bit of Luck x Mor Mors Joy

FiftyShadesOfLuck  "Sterling" 2013 colt-Michelle Nelson

Tiny Bit of Luck x Go Streakin Britches

Luck Song "Melody" 2012 Filly-Rose Hamlin

Tiny Bit of Luck x Flit N Fiddle

Prince of Luck "Royal"  2011 Gelding-Whyte/Ginter family

Tiny Bit of Luck x Mor Mors Joy

Lucky Colored Jewel "Jewels" 2010 Mare

Tiny Bit of Luck x Nu Color Tivio

Louie-Finished Barrel Horse Congrats Tessa

Zippo-Finished Barrel Horse Congrats Jette

Lucky Ninety Nine "Emmers" 2012 Gray Filly Tiny Bit of Luck x Daughter of Ninety Nine Goldmine

Watch for this talented filly and Stacy Schultz and family.

Fiddle Around Luck "Zoey" 2011 Bay Filly 

Tiny Bit of  Luck x Daughter of Fire Water Flit

Thank you Stacy Schultz and family--Stacy was a fan of her grandma "Fiddle Around Girl" like myself and had to have one of her grandbabies!

Josie-Bay Roan mare.  Finished barrel and pole bending mare.  Thank you Brenda--have fun with her.

Pokey-Finished Barrel and WSCA game mare.  Heading to the winners circle with the Hadler family!

 Faith Hope and Luck "Faith" 2011 Bay Filly

Tiny Bit of Luck x Nu Color Tivio.  Watch for Faith and Alyssa to grow up in the 4-H program to the barrel futurities! 

My Luck is Overdue "Amiga" 2008 Gray Filly

Tiny Bit of Luck x Grajetta Deck. Amiga was lightly started under saddle before being sold to Sidney Eibes.  Watch for Sidney and Amiga to hit the barrel futurities in 2013!


Lucks Changing Gears "Pearl" 2006 Gray Mare

Lucks Lucky x Leos Tiny Blue  Pearl has moves that are as smooth as silk.  We had her started and  getting her solid in the basics-Christine just started hauling her in the barrels, when she caught the eye of Kelly Neisius.   Congrats to Madison Eibes.

Rusty Paint Pony- Great kids pony.  Living the life in Nebraska with a little girl that loves him.  Tracks cattle, Runs Barrels and other Game events. 

Barney-  The wonder pony!  Awesome Barrel and Rope Pony.  Truely a gentle horse in a ponys body.  Loved by a little in Wisconsin.





Got Luck "Rooster" 2003 Brown Gelding

Lucks Lucky x Leos Tiny Blue   Currently being hauled and placing at local barrel races. Our first Home Grown.  Full brother to:  Tiny Bit of Luck (our stud), Lucks Changing Gears, and Last Shot of Luck.  Congrats to Anna Kissner!  Rooster is so lucky to be in your barn.

 Burr -Sorrel Gelding 

Bull Dogging Horse.  Ex-Calf horse that Ross trained.  First year as a bull doggin' horse with minimal hauling ended up 2010 MRA Reserve Year End Champion and Reserve Finals Champion SOLD  to Badlands Circuit Cowboy


Lucky Days "ChaChi" 2009 Bay Gelding

Tiny Bit of Luck x RM Jus Showin Off.  Another nice colt from this cross!  Out of a proven mare both in the arena and her offspring Sold and heading to the Futurities with Tracy Frazer

Jus Waitin On Luck "Uno" 2008 Gray Gelding

Tiny Bit of Luck x RM Jus Showin Off.  Uno is everything we could of hoped for in our first foal by our young stud.   **SOLD and going to live with Southeastern Circuit Qualifier Julie DeNapoli of Florida** 2013 making his barrel racing debut.

***Uno is back in Minnesota fall 2012!  So excited to see  the Alders Family and Uno together!!

Running Knud "Bolt" 2010 Gray Colt

Knud with Wings x Mor Mors Joy (daughter of Coaltown Prince) Sold to Scott Harris





Rockets Rocky Top Bar "Crow" - Bull Dogging Horse.  Ross won with him at  MRA's and the PRCA rodeos.  Took new owner to the MNHSR State Steer Wrestling Championship along with a short go qualifiaction at the Nationals.


 Andy Little Bit  -- Is  owned by Madison Eibes and this pair sets the arena on fire!! Numerous MRA Rodeo, MN JHSRA, and 1D Barrels Racing wins.  They have set arena records and many times the fast time of the weekend at the big barrel races!

2012-Saddle Winner, Trailer Winner and made the Short Go at the National Junior High School Rodeo Finals!

Dashs Dapper Star --- "Goose" or "Wick"  go round winner at the WNFR for 4 different riders 3 separate years in the Steer Wrestling. (Frank Thompson, Birch Negaard , Wade Sumpter and Billy Begenig) 2008-Wick was the mount for the Houston Rodeo Championship and a $50,000 Check!! 2010 PRCA Horse of the Year! 2010 Co Average Champion at the NFR. 2011 PRCA Steer Wrestling Horse of the Year!! Multiple NFR Steer Wrestling Appearances.  Back again in 2012!!

Ima Jetabull-- "Bull" still winning at the Prorodeos in the US and Canada at age 20!  (Bull was a winner for everyone that  has rode him: Christine Nevala, Jill Houck, Jane Melby, Layna Kight and Heidi Meuwissen)  2008--Heidi and Bull took home a check for over $14,000 at San Antonio Rodeo.

Frenchmans Gay Bar "Maverick"

Bullys Got Aces "Joker"

JMS She Is Special -  2007 sorrel filly



Happy Customers

>>RE:  Hammer, Bull Dogging horse Ross trained and competed on.  Winning Money at PRCA rodeos like Deadwood, South Dakota, Hamel, MN. 2005

Note #1

>> We are the folks that purchased Hammer.
>> Im not sure if you will get this or not, I know you mentioned that
>> were going south after we bought him.
>> I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that Tyrel absolutely
>> this horse!  He won both rounds last weekend at the High School
Rodeo in
>> Marshaltown - he was 4.4 on the first one and the second one he had
>> catch down the pen....and you were right Hammer caught it.......he
>> long though but still won it with a 5.5.  He should stay qualified
>> Nationals if he keeps it up.
>> I call him Ham Bone because he has developed such a personality - of
>> course Tyrel hates it when I do.  Tyrel signed a college letter of
>> with NorthWestern Oklahoma State University so he and Hammer will be
>> moving to Oklahoma in August.
>> Right after TJ purchased him he took Hammer to the IRA Finals and
>> 6th in the average on him in a little indoor pen at Waterloo.  They
>> click - he has bucked him off a time or too but now TJ has learned
how to
>> work with that too.
>> He is just what Tyrel needed.

Note #2:  We just had State High School Rodeo Finals last weekend and Tyrel won
saddle for the year with Hammer.  He will be going to Nationals the end
July.  Then off to college rodeo in mid August.


RE:  Bullys Got Aces, Joker....started 2 Year old.  2006

Joker, we just love him!

   Joker is doing awesome, hes getting along with all the other horses, even the
mini pony! He so fun, i love him so much! I play with him every day almost,
brushing him and just pampering him! Hes doing great, getting use to the
rotine, and hes great in the stall, eats his feed, drinks etc. Acts like he
isnt even new. Thanks so much for selling him to us! I cant wait till i get
to ride him and take him to the shows, everyone thats seen him absolutly
loves him. Thanks again! Just wanted to tell you how he was doing, and we
will get your halter to you soon! Here is a few pictures of him! Thanks
again! Buh bye and Happy Holidays!

Ashley Janssen


Jetiny Bee Glorious and her Lucks Lucky daughters